Sous Vide Technology


Sous vide is a cooking method for preparing food at a low, precisely controlled temperature. Or in simpler terms, "cooking food in water". Cooking with sous vide allows you to control a foods internal temperature, unlike any other cooking method. Each dish can be cooked to the exact doneness you desire. Every time. 

It’s a relatively simple method that can easily be used at home to improve your favorite meals, remove unnecessary stress from cooking, or free you from focusing on one aspect of your meal. 

Traditional methods of cooking heat food from the outside in, which means your food can easily be over cooked. Cooking with water allows us to raise the temperature just enough to get the food to the exact temperature we prefer. We can take it out as soon as its done or leave it in the water until we're ready to eat. You no longer need to wait around the kitchen, glued to the oven or pan checking to see if its ready.

Your time is saved for talking with friends, guests, or making extra time consuming dishes like soups, sauces, or desserts. Thats what makes it a great solution for restaurants. And an amazingly powerful tool for home cooks as well. Give it a shot, and watch, you'll be cooking more, and enjoying food in ways you couldn't before.

For whom can sous vide serve? 

  1. Home-cooks, of course! Ideal for anyone that wants to cook amazing meals, solo or family. Food prep, snacks, meals, desserts, and so much more 
  2. Fans of Healthy Lifestyle - Sous vide cooking retains nutrients, preserves flavor, and encourages wholesome and healthy foods. 
  3. Working, family, or busy? - Sous vide saves you time in the kitchen. Just set it and leave it. Also vacuum sealing food in bulk and freezing ahead of time saves you time and money. Try our SousBear bags!
  4. Not a fan of cooking but love eating food? Let your sous vide do the hard work. Delicious meals are just a click away. 


Why sous vide? Is one of these a piece of you?

  1. Delicious restaurant quality dishes in your home
  2. Simple and healthy cooking
  3. Save time and space
  4. Bring life to your kitchen
  5. Life is an adventure

The HOW: Sous Vide Made Simply

1.Install your preferred precision cooker
Secure the immersion circulator into a pot with water and set the desired temperature and cooking time.

2. Vacuum Sealing
Prepare foods according to the recipe. Put the food in a SousBear reusable vacuum bag, seal it with white clips and remove air out of the bag using the SousBear hand pump. 

3. Put the food in the water
When the water is heated to the desired temperature, place the bag with food inside and clip the bag to the pot or container.

4. Serve to the table!
After your scheduled cooking time, take the bag out of the water and take the food out. If needed, roast or pan sear your food for 30 seconds to 1 minute until the outside builds a nice golden crust. Finished! Serve and enjoy.

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