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SousBear provide the highest quality sous vide bags at the best prices. It is our mission to help our earth as much as we can and by choosing SousBear, you are not only buying the best reusable sous vide bags but you are doing your part. And for this, we thank you! SousBear offers you with a simple range of sous vide bags that protect what matters most. Our philosophy is to focus on the long term and really over deliver. Our reusable vacuum bags can be used for sous vide, food storage, or miscellaneous items storing just about anything. The dream we would like to achieve is one where everyone is using reusable sous vide bags to help the environment. What better product to start with than SousBear bags - we always start with the end in mind and this is what we decided to start with. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you. From small things, big things grow. These sous vide bags are here to stay.

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