About us

Welcome to SousBear, where our passion for home cooking, vacuum sealing and sous vide merges with a commitment to eco-friendly innovation. We're driven by a simple philosophy: to bring life to the kitchen through sustainable cooking and to foster healthier food choices in a way that's kind to our environment.

Our journey began in the heart of the West, within a quaint countryside restaurant. As culinary enthusiasts and professionals, we recognized the growing use of sous vide in everyday cooking. However, the escalating waste generated in the restaurant industry and our households due to excessive use of food supplies, especially plastic bags, didn’t escape our attention.

Knowing the dual nature of plastic bags, we explored various alternatives, including silicone bags, containers, and paper products. Yet, we realized that there wasn’t an all-encompassing solution. Recognizing the necessity of plastic food bags, we endeavored to offer an improved solution.

So, Why SousBear?

Hence, SousBear was born. Our mission was clear: to create a sous vide bag kit for both food storage and sous vide cooking. We fused the user-friendly features of ziplock bags with the durability of foodsaver bags, minus the inconvenience of larger sealer units. Our aim is to reduce waste while promoting a healthy lifestyle for you and our environment. We firmly believe that a wholesome lifestyle should be affordable and not come at the expense of our planet.

The SousBear Way

Our commitment is rooted in a straightforward principle – Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Convenience. We believe that this is the path to experiencing the best of our SousBear Necessities. Our dedicated focus is not only on our products but also on our cherished family of customers, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of delightful.

Moreover, we’re more than a mere startup – we're a young team aspiring to make a meaningful impact. If you resonate with our mission, we'd love your support in spreading the word about SousBear Necessities.

Our love for cooking and serving food in our former family restaurant inspired us to share our culinary methods, designed to elevate everyday home cooking experiences. The products we offer, particularly the vacuum zipper bags and pumps, strive to blend familiarity with innovation, ensuring they cater to your utility and convenience.

With SousBear, our mission extends beyond selling kitchen tools. We believe in the joy of offering useful vacuum food storage products and sous vide necessities. We're dedicated to making your daily cooking experiences just as enriching as the exceptional sous vide techniques we've come to love. - Austin Stadnik, Marketing Director