About us

The Sousbear philosophy is simple; bring life to the kitchen with sustainable home cooking, and encourage healthy food choices in an eco-friendly manner.  

Gone are the days of sous vide only being used in restaurants. Everyday more households and home-cooks are now utilizing the convenient and easy to use benefits of sous vide, but there is the downside. The waste created in restaurants is excessive, and our households are not far away. Extra waste created from food, and supplies, such as plastic bags.

Thats where SousBear was born, a restaurant in the country side of B.C Canada. 

We know plastic bags are a blessing and curse. We've used everything under the sun, silicone bags, containers, paper products, as of now theres a no end all solution. Since we can't live without plastic food bags, we found a solution.


We created a sous vide bag kit for food storage, and sous vide cooking. Combining the easy to use features of ziplock bags, and the durable aspect of foodsaver bags without the inconvenience of large unit sealers. We will create less waste, and promote a healthy lifestyle for you and our environment. We believe a healthy lifestyle shouldn't break the bank, nor cost the environment. 


Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Simple.

Thats the way we like it. And believe thats the way you get the best out of our SousBear Necessities. We genuinely care about our family of customers(and bears), and that's why we go above and beyond to ensure that your experience with us is nothing short of delight. 

We are dedicated to preserving our nature, encourage healthy food choices, and bringing life to your kitchen. That's the SousBear way.

P.S. We might not seem it, but we’re a young start-up. So if you like what we’re doing, please show us some love and help spread the SousBear word.