The 5 Ways to Use Your SousBear Bags


If you're new to sous vide or a long time enthusiast,  you may know that there aren't many other vacuum bag alternatives on the market apart from using large unit vacuum sealers.  We truly believe SousBear bags are the best alternative to vacuum sealers for sous vide and food storage, of course we are biased. :) Now thanks to our superb customers, and a little ingenuity ourselves.. we learned multiple ways to use SousBear bags, and we would like to share them with you! We hope you enjoy some of the interesting and useful benefits that are possible with SousBear bags. 

Before we share our 5 new ways to use your bags! See below on the MUST use tips when using your SousBear bags!

  • PRESS THE AIR-VALVE - After suctioning the air from your bags,  PRESS the air-valve down with your finger. This will lock the valves into place. 
  • WASH AROUND THE VALVE - When cleaning your bags, please take care of the air-valve. Wear and tear will increase depending on the washing methods used (i.e. Dishwasher, or scrubbing the valve by hand) To increase the longevity of the air-valve we suggest to hand wash and avoid scrubbing the valve as much as possible. 
  • PUMP WITH ELBOW GREASE - Pumping the bags can be a learning curve at first, but please BEAR with us! ;) First PRESS the pumps nozzle firmly on the air-valve sticker, then begin to suction - it may take 15-20 seconds before you see the bags deflate. You're almost there! TIP: Press excess air out by hand before sealing the bags closed (this will make the pumping process easier) 
  • LIQUIDS & MARINADES - We suggest to use a minimal amount of liquid marinade (1-2 tsp), as liquids can suction through the air-valve and may comprise the valves seal. To reduce the amount of liquids that make it to the air-valve, elevate the air-valve. Our suggestion is to hang the bottom of the bag in the sink with the air-valve on the counter. Pump away! 

 5 New Ways to Use SousBear Bags

1. BULK FOOD - You can save hundreds of dollars a year on grocery bills by buying meats, veggies, and cheese in bulk. Portion them out into typical servings, then seal and freeze the portions. Bonus - If you add an oxygen absorber packet to each bag for storing flours, sugars, salt, grains like oatmeal, beans, rice, pastas, baking mixes, nuts raisins, chocolate, they will keep fresh and last even longer! Perfect preparation for if the power goes out and saving trips to the store during any natural disaster.

2. SOUPS - You can use the "flash freeze" method to store soups and liquids for months! Freeze individual cups of soup or use a shallow freezer safe container. After frozen place them inside the SousBear bags and seal. Remove individual pieces when needed. Bonus - This also works great for soft juicy foods like berries, peaches, bananas, and tomatoes. Place the item on a tray and "flash freeze". Once the food is solid, slip it into your bag and seal. A great way to store delicious fruits while they're in season. 

3. TOILETRIES - Avoid messy toiletry situations when flying or traveling by using your SousBear bags to seal them up neatly. No more disastrous gooey messes in your suitcase. You can also bring the lightweight pump to reseal your items later on. Bonus - Perfect for camping, reducing space and protecting any items that need to stay water-proof such as: batteries, matches, lighters, and first aid kits!

4. PROTECT ARTICLES - Protect any important documents, photo's, special articles, and polished jewelry. The bags will keep out moisture, insects, and prevent tarnish for future generations. Be careful of sharp points that can poke holes in the bags. Just cushion any points with a cloth or napkin. 

5. ICE PACKS - You can easily make your own reusable ice packs. To make them use 2 parts water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, add food coloring if desired, mix together. Next, release as much air as possible by hand, and seal closed with the white sealing clip. Stick your newly homemade ice packs in the freezer for 12 hours before using it for the first time. Once frozen it will be flexible for any injury that needs cold treatment.

We hope you are enjoying the tips and suggestions. Any other tips or tricks you would like to share? We would love to hear from you! Please be sure to leave a comment below! 


  • SousBear was one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year! I am loving sousvide cooking, marinating meats, storing fresh food in the freezer and dry goods in the pantry. Recommending SousBear to everyone!

  • Bags are great for the freezer!

  • I got my kit with my new Thermomix TM6 and finally got around to playing around with it today! Lots of uses for sure! Cooking my first sous vide dishes, asparagus and poached egg and truffle peppered chicken. And one plain chicken breast for the dog! Love it. And very clever marketing and customer experience with the QR code. Well done!

  • I am using them for camp storage i compress food and clothes to increase organization and space in my back pack

  • The combo of bag and pump, works great! I prepare my dogs food a five lbs at a time. The bags let me separate into a couple days while freezing the rest and having to waste the disposable zip lock bags. I win and the environment wins!

    Joe Belanger

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