Which Type Of Sous Vide Bags Do I Need?

Choosing the right reusable sous vide bag is an essential part of using a sous vide cooker. If you don't have one, you may find yourself struggling to fit food inside the bag to cook.

What Size Should I Get?

First things first, you need to decide what size bag you need.

So, which size should you go for? Well, it depends on your preferences. If you plan on cooking a whole chicken, you'll probably want to opt for the largest bag available. However, if you're going to cook smaller cuts of meat, you'll probably want a smaller bag.

Which Type Of Sous Vide Bags Do I Need?

Once you've determined the type of bag you need, you need to choose between a vacuum sealer bag or a zipper-lock bag.

A vacuum sealer bag works well for sealing foods like meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

However, a vacuum sealer bag isn't ideal for storing dry goods such as rice, pasta, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, and spices. Instead, you'll need to use a zipper-lock bag. These bags are designed specifically for storing dry goods that you will want to frequently open and close.

How Long Will Food Stay Fresh After Cooking?

After you've cooked your food, you need to ensure that it stays fresh until you eat it. This means that you need to refrigerate or freeze your food immediately after cooking.

Refrigerating food keeps it safe from bacteria growth. Freezing food helps preserve its nutrients and flavor.

The decision of what size reusable sous vide bag to get is one that depends on the size of your sous vide cooker and how much food you want to be able to cook at once. If you are unsure, it is always better to err on the side of caution and get a bigger bag. That way, you will never find yourself struggling to fit food inside the bag to cook.

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Types Of Sous Vide Bags

Types Of Sous Vide Bags